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Greenville was named after Fort Greene Ville (now Greenville), Ohio, the site where General Anthony Wayne signed a treaty with the Native Americans after defeating them in the Battle of Fallen Timbers on August 20, 1794. This was the final battle of the Northwest Indian War. Wayne County was named for this military hero and Greenville was named for the place he was most famous for. Incidentally, Fort Greene Ville, Ohio, was named after Nathaniel Greene, a friend of Wayne.
Piedmont is located at 37°33′34″N 90°17′40″W
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Greenville Chamber
Greenville City Hall
Greenville Fire Department
Greenville Police Dept.
Wayne County Sheriff
Wayne Co. Ambulance Dist.
(573) 000-0000
(573) 224-3911
(573) 224-3212
(573) 224-5358
(573) 224-3090
(573) 222-8250
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